This Week In War

The war in Afghanistan turned 9 this week.  Happy Birthday! You can read the text of Bush’s 2001 address to the nation, here.  Where is the war now, in year ten?

NATO attacks in Pakistan have threatened our relations with that critical country.

According to Politics Daily, military brass “chafe for a bigger role in policy decisions.

The Pentagon has ordered a decreased dependence on fossil fuels, largely because of the great danger presented to fuel convoys in Afghanistan.  

The Supreme Court is deciding on Snyder v. Phelps, whether or not protesters at soldiers’ funerals who hold up signs like “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” are protected under free speech. 

The Pentagon is having some worries over classified information.  First, the DSS (Defense Security Service), which is the agency in charge of overseeing contractor violations of classified information, doesn’t seem up to the job.  The WikiLeaks situation has also caused the Army to “update its espionage rule book.”

Can cellphones make Afghanistan a safer country?  An initiative by the Internet Bar Organization called the Internet Silk Road hopes they can.

Why is Spin Boldak the safest area of Southern Afghanistan?  Apparently, it has its very own Afghan Robin Hood

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