What is your take on women of color/Muslim women taking control of their cultural and religious problems without seeking western feminism's help? Are there any Muslim feminists on Tumblr that shed light upon this issue? Thanks in advance! — Asked by Anonymous

I’ve answered a similar question like this off of Tumblr very recently. I think western feminism might be in some real need of the help of Muslim and Arab and non-Western feminists of color. Certainly not the other way around. I’m quite sure that powerful female activists and leaders like Asma Mahfouz and Samira Ibrahim (Egypt), or Tawakkul Karman (Yemen) or Manal al-Sharif (Saudi Arabia) or Zainab and Maryam Al-Khawaja (Bahrain) aren’t in any need of any outside help in being utterly kick-ass feminist organizers.  And the idea that a white/Western feminist, purely by dint of privilege, would know better the struggles of Muslim or Arab or Middle Eastern women, entirely offends the notion of feminism as I see it.

Do I know awesome Muslim feminists on Tumblr? Do I ever! In fact, Samia and Mehreen are going to get entirely exhausted by my continual recommendation of them, because I think I’ve somehow turned it into a weekly thing. 

There you go, anon. A+ choice of topic.

Ask The Feminist.

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  1. pithypeach said: Ah thank you for those nods to Muslim Feminist blogs! Most excellent! Love what you do :)

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