Tango contre le loi 78. Here are a handful of photographs taken from recent protests in Montréal, the top two are from a protest (not a student protest, or not exclusively, anyway) held at Place Des Arts in downtown Montréal on the 26th. The next is a photograph of street art/signs advertising the major protest which took place on the 22nd. The last is a picture from a large march at Parc Jeanne-Marche on the 20th, just after the passage of Law 78.

Law 78 is an emergency bill passed in Québec on May 18 which restricts the right protest and picket and freedom of assembly near university grounds. The text of the bill is available here at the bottom of the page.

Submitted by Tumblr user g-nomey.

These protests are not Occupy protests, but they are in the same vein of ongoing grassroots radical social rallying in response to feelings of direct injustice, and so I’m branching my web archive documentary project out to include documentation of protest movements like this one.

You can view the rest of The Political Notebook’s project to gather photography, documentation and experiences from the OWS movements nationwide. I have also compiled an archive of all my posted submissions to this project on a single Pinterest board for your viewing convenience. Check out the Call for Submissions page and email your photos to me at torierosedeghett@gmail.com!

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  8. linkoutloud said: Also, the event at Parc Jeanne-Mance was not a protest march. It’s a weekly and hugely popular drum circle/hangout thing at the Parc called Tam Tams that happens on Sundays. There’s a lot of crossover between the Tam Tams crowd and the red squares.
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