Year-End List of 2012 Hip-Hop/Rap Albums: Personal Picks

Welcome to the first of my year-end lists. This is a list of hip-hop/rap that tickled my fancy this year. This is stuff I reviewed, tweeted about, downloaded off Bandcamp (best thing ever), listened to at 5AM and thought was powerful or talented or fun. This isn’t some all-important “These are the biggest, most infuential, most worthwhile albums” list, because if anyone is actually equipped to make a list like that it sure isn’t me. If there’s an album missing here, I probably didn’t catch it or it didn’t strike my fancy in the same way these others did. (If you want to recommend me a good album that you don’t see on here, I would love that. But no berating me for not including your fave rapper’s latest EP on here. Make your own list.)

Other mentions:
  • Clear Soul Forces Detroit Revolution [Bandcamp]
  • L’Orange’s Old Soul [Bandcamp]
  • Azealia Banks Fantasea
  • Rye Rye Go! Pop! Bang!
  • MC Deeb The Cold Peace/ السلام بارد [Bandcamp]

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